Second 2013 Update


After our first week there are quite a few announcements to make.

Winter class is starting on Wednesday, January 23rd. If you are interested in joining this is your time to register. Click here to find out more.
We are attending Continental Crown (this Saturday, Jan. 19th)! So far we have 5 competitors confirmed, fighting in black belt and novice divisions.

Also the tournament schedule was updated and as of now Pacific International at Steveston, BC is scheduled on February 16th and Washington State to be announced soon. Those are amazing tournaments that we will attend.

Go Huskies!


Winter Quater has started

white-firework-easter-wallpaper-spring-valentine-photography-winter-holidays-christmas-38811Yes, we are resuming training on the first day of the Winter 2013! Please come at 6:40pm to IMA Mat Room B to train with us! The greatness starts tonight.
Our next big event is Continental Crown on January 19th! It’s the biggest tournament (E-level) in the northwest that often features the world-class judo competitors. More info can be found here.
There will be quite a few big tournaments this year including Steveston in Vancouver BC, Washington State Championships, competitions against Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, U of Montana with a possibility of Oregon State Participating as well as invitational workouts all over westen washington.
Go Huskies!

Second Update of 2012-13 year

Well, it’s been a while since the last update. So here are the most recent events.

Congratulations to Tomo Kumaki on taking Silver at Rainier Cup (October 6th) in Middleweight Black Belt Division! So far Tomo has defeated everybody from Ippon Dojo including a double win (one for 2nd place) over the nationally ranked Thomas Ortega!

Molly went 1 win – 2 loses in a very tough bracket that featured a couple nationally ranked players. Artem went 1-2 as well, losing in the finals to a BJJ black belt.

Congrats to all of our competitors!

On the side of training, we went back to our usual routine that includes uchikomi, technique work as well as randori. Last week Professor taught double leg takedown and Steve demonstrated an excellent defense drill.

We recently got 2 new members: an exchange student from Germany Philip and Kim from North Sound BJJ.

Go Huskies!

2012-13 Season Start Overview

First of all, congratulations on the amazing job you did at the Dawg Daze. A 2 hour demo session and 12 hours of tabling resulted in 75 potential recruits. This is not bad given the current number of club members.

To the new potential members: Marissa Nishimoto is your coordinator. She will keep you updated and you should contact her regarding the additional details and concerns (you are welcome to leave a comment on this blog as well). We are excited to see you on October 8th! Register for the class please.

We also welcomed new freshmen to the club, graduates of Kent Schools judo program, Alton and John. We hope that they will be valuable members and will improve the representation of the huskies at the tournaments.

Rainier Cup is less than a week away! It’s going to be held at Lakewood YMCA on Saturday, October 7th. Plan on being there.

As far as that goes, the season has officially started and so did the training!

Dawg Daze, Recruitment and September Announcements

Hey, fellow dawgs! A few announcements are to be made.

Our club president has done an incredible job and got us tables for Dawg Daze!

As of right now we are tabling on Sunday, September 23rd from 6pm to 8pm.

We are doing a demo at some point on THAT day (most likely in front of IMA).

We also have a table reserved for Tuesday/Wednesday (25/26) from 9:30am to 3pm.

All of the above means that we need everybody.

Rami Foster sent the link for everybody to register. This is a big opportunity to get a good start for a year of judo. This is the difference between having crappy practices and a huge number of people. This is where we can REALLY grow as a program.

P.S: Also 1.5 weeks from now, Saturday, September 15th we are going down to Kentridge High School (12430 SE 208th Street, Kent, WA 98031) for a full day of judo. Last year there were at least 20 black belts, should be pretty good this time!

Remember Rainier Cup tournament is only a month away!

Go Huskies!

A Summer Update

While we have hibernated for summer, our level of training didn’t go down. The practices are still on Mondays and Wednesdays at IMA starting at 6:40 pm with optional practices at Budokan Judo Club staring at 8 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are still almost 2 months left for you to make progress before the tournament season kicks off! Lift, run, swim,play, fight and get ready.

Here are some goals for the fall and the rest of 2012-13 season:

  • Make it to 2013 NCJA Championships in Iowa
  • Make a great demonstration at Dawg Daze (plan it out and possibly practice a few times before we do it) to get more people
  • Set up a table at Sports Fair in the Fall
  • Break the attendance record at practice, number of active members and number of active competitors
  • Continue the Battle Royale Tournament and also invite Oregon State Judo team (check out their page

Congrats on the well deserved promotions to Green Belt to Wei Chang and Keenyn Odom. Also we congratulate Keenyn on his other “less” important endeavor.

P.S: Keep watching Olympic games.

The trophy stays in Seattle

Congratulations to all of our competitors (Tomo, Alex, Keenan, Artem, Rebecca, Jennifer and Molly), who went out there on the mat on Saturday and showed other schools what Husky Judo is all about, surrendering a limited number of points, taking first overall

Tomo, Molly and Alex went undefeated and just plowed through their opponents with style.

Rebecca and Jennifer fought hard an won majority of matches. Rebecca scored an especially important win against Western, when she secured osaekomi at the last second of the match. Artem tied his wins and losses, contributing to the team.

Keenan had an impressive performance as first time competitor and scoring an important win.

We also have to mention other club members, whose help was greatly appreciated: WeiMarissa and Carolyn. And of course without our club coaches Aaron Scroll, Dave Christianson, Yuko MeraMatt Cozzolino and Mark Huang all of this would not be possible. We also would like to thank all of the referees, our opponents and UW supporters that showed up.

Go Huskies!