Monday Update

Practices have been going at the usual time and usual pace.
As many of you know the UW Judo had participated at the 2012 Evergreen State Championships.

Congratulations to our teammates, who medaled in their respective divisions:

Steve had a quite impressive run. In the first match he took on one of the top boys from Ippon Dojo and executed a perfect drop seoi-nage. Later, in about 30 sec, he destroyed next opponent and claimed a spot in the final where he faced Jovanni Rodriguez once again. Unfortunately, he came a little short settling for silver in IJF 1993-95 81kg, his first medal at the tournament.
Later in the day, Steve faced some heavy opponents in a round robin battle for gold in 100kg Senior Division. Even though he was outweighed by 50 lbs at least, Steve swept through his bracket in no time, with average time of a little more than a minute per match. Even feared 200lb BJJ master surrendered 2 wazaris in no time, letting Steve take well deserved gold in Gold in Senior Male 2k-4k 100kg.

Molly fought out 3 matches against the same opponent and with a record of 2-1 claimed Gold in IJF Senior Female 70kg.

Tomo fought 3 matches loosing first one to Davon by nice ippon :). Then he swept through Daniel Sanchez and fought Artem Chumak. A lucky counter carried him through to the podium.Congrats on Silver in Senior Male 2k-4k 66kg.

Artem Chumak: Bronze in Senior Male 2k-4k 66kg.

Next tournament is Obukan on April 14th in Portland, OR. .There is also a workout at Lakewood YMCA on April 15th with Travis Stevens(!) sponsored by Ippon Dojo.

The list of tournaments is to be posted soon.
If you didn’t pay the dues, it’s $15 until Wednesday April 11th.


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