Update on the last two weeks

I know its been a long time since last update, but I promise to be more consistent.

On April 9th, we welcomed a new batch of judo students. However the real question is how many of them will stick around. We also need a big hand of applause to the guys who have graduated the beginner class and made the team: Wei and Kennan. Practices went on and on as usually.

Artem got 2nd place at Obukan Judo Tournament in Portland. He went 3 out of 4 matches full 5 minutes. Won the first one. Lost the second match (he shouldn’t have). Artem won next match against the first guy and then fought for 5 minutes for 2nd place. Ironically, it was against the guy, that Artem lost to. Artem won at the end with not a bad throw. Too bad there was no video. It turns out that the first guy was from Oregon State.

Also, Tomo, Molly, Artem and our coach Dave have attended the clinic with Travis Stevens, top A+ 81kg judo player. He showed his entry for uchimata and a few moves to get a guillotine choke. Next, we all got a few rounds of ground work with Ippon Dojo kids. After that there was an improv Q&A session. I mean, it was incredible to learn just how much he trains and his dedication to the sport.

Couldn’t beat them in water polo, but Judo evened it all out. I also told this guy from OSU (via Fbook) about the upcoming tournament in Cheney, on April 28th. Its gonna be good as EWU has quite a few good student black belts and Idaho schools that consistently place in College Nationals.

Talking about the Cheney tournament, we need as many people as we can get. We really do need a good heavyweight (Rami, we need you to go).

Also the UW Judo Youtube Channel has been updated so check it out.

To sum it all up, no matter what happens we are going to to NCJA Collegiate National Judo Championships next year.

Go Huskies and enjoy the video:


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