Husky Judo Update #4

Last 2 weeks of practice were relatively eventful as UW Judo Club team competed at Seattle Dojo tournament.

Tomo ended up placing 2nd in Black Belt Light division only losing to Davon Johnson from Ippon Dojo, winning against 2 other older guys and taking a split decision (you should know that its called hantei in japanese) victory from Patrick Mendiola of Ippon Dojo. Molly took second as well only losing to a nationally ranked player. Artem also competed, but didn’t live up to the expectation.

After the tournament Dave Christianson and Artem attended a Seiei Judo Clinic in Redmond. It was a good session.

Also last week Rami “The Gladiator” Foster (Rah-mee) conducted a mini-clinic on the proper technique of power clean. We had a relatively large turnout, even though we worked hard through the practice.

Our next challenge is to host and win against Western Washington and Eastern Washington Judo teams on May 19th.

Good job guys, I am getting a lot of views from all of you. Keep looking at the blog. Feel free to post a comment or too.

We are expanding our online presence. We are revitalizing our old Facebook judo group. I will post a link soon

P.S Steve is still recovering from the injury.


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