The trophy stays in Seattle

Congratulations to all of our competitors (Tomo, Alex, Keenan, Artem, Rebecca, Jennifer and Molly), who went out there on the mat on Saturday and showed other schools what Husky Judo is all about, surrendering a limited number of points, taking first overall

Tomo, Molly and Alex went undefeated and just plowed through their opponents with style.

Rebecca and Jennifer fought hard an won majority of matches. Rebecca scored an especially important win against Western, when she secured osaekomi at the last second of the match. Artem tied his wins and losses, contributing to the team.

Keenan had an impressive performance as first time competitor and scoring an important win.

We also have to mention other club members, whose help was greatly appreciated: WeiMarissa and Carolyn. And of course without our club coaches Aaron Scroll, Dave Christianson, Yuko MeraMatt Cozzolino and Mark Huang all of this would not be possible. We also would like to thank all of the referees, our opponents and UW supporters that showed up.

Go Huskies!


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