A Summer Update

While we have hibernated for summer, our level of training didn’t go down. The practices are still on Mondays and Wednesdays at IMA starting at 6:40 pm with optional practices at Budokan Judo Club staring at 8 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are still almost 2 months left for you to make progress before the tournament season kicks off! Lift, run, swim,play, fight and get ready.

Here are some goals for the fall and the rest of 2012-13 season:

  • Make it to 2013 NCJA Championships in Iowa
  • Make a great demonstration at Dawg Daze (plan it out and possibly practice a few times before we do it) to get more people
  • Set up a table at Sports Fair in the Fall
  • Break the attendance record at practice, number of active members and number of active competitors
  • Continue the Battle Royale Tournament and also invite Oregon State Judo team (check out their page http://www.facebook.com/OSUJudo)

Congrats on the well deserved promotions to Green Belt to Wei Chang and Keenyn Odom. Also we congratulate Keenyn on his other “less” important endeavor.

P.S: Keep watching Olympic games.


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