2012-13 Season Start Overview

First of all, congratulations on the amazing job you did at the Dawg Daze. A 2 hour demo session and 12 hours of tabling resulted in 75 potential recruits. This is not bad given the current number of club members.

To the new potential members: Marissa Nishimoto is your coordinator. She will keep you updated and you should contact her regarding the additional details and concerns (you are welcome to leave a comment on this blog as well). We are excited to see you on October 8th! Register for the class please.

We also welcomed new freshmen to the club, graduates of Kent Schools judo program, Alton and John. We hope that they will be valuable members and will improve the representation of the huskies at the tournaments.

Rainier Cup is less than a week away! It’s going to be held at Lakewood YMCA on Saturday, October 7th. Plan on being there.

As far as that goes, the season has officially started and so did the training!


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