Second Update of 2012-13 year

Well, it’s been a while since the last update. So here are the most recent events.

Congratulations to Tomo Kumaki on taking Silver at Rainier Cup (October 6th) in Middleweight Black Belt Division! So far Tomo has defeated everybody from Ippon Dojo including a double win (one for 2nd place) over the nationally ranked Thomas Ortega!

Molly went 1 win – 2 loses in a very tough bracket that featured a couple nationally ranked players. Artem went 1-2 as well, losing in the finals to a BJJ black belt.

Congrats to all of our competitors!

On the side of training, we went back to our usual routine that includes uchikomi, technique work as well as randori. Last week Professor taught double leg takedown and Steve demonstrated an excellent defense drill.

We recently got 2 new members: an exchange student from Germany Philip and Kim from North Sound BJJ.

Go Huskies!


4 thoughts on “Second Update of 2012-13 year

    • Please show up tomorrow and we will decide what to do with you. If I find out before class starts tomorrow, I will try to let you know as soon as I can via email. Remember IMA, 6:40 pm, Mat Room B, NOT A!

      • If it helps I’m not a beginner to grappling. I’m familiar with ukemi and how to spot your partner.

      • If you are not a beginner, then you most likely will be allowed to come and practice even though it’s kind of late to join the class. Our head instructor might have you go with the class for the 1st hour to supervise you on the first day.

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